Hanuman Sadhana to appease Lord Hanuman

Published: 18th February 2011
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Place Hanuman Yantra Hanuman idols and red clothes on any platform. Put vermilion hanuman idols and Hanuman Yantra and also put vermilion on the forehead. Inscence Lite and the lamp in front of the idol Lord and pour on Lord Hanuman idol parcharmrit yantra and then pour pure water on Lord Hanuman idol. Take some water in your hand and think of your wish you want to accomplish, and asks the Lord

Hanuman for his achievement. It is very essential in lord Hanuman puja that we should have pure thoughts and have full confidence in the Lord that you want to fill. Again put vermilion on Lord Hanuman and Hanuman idol and Yanta somewater place and set contains rice, flowers, and supari Jaggery before the yantra and fold your hand and chart the following mantras.

The character of Hanuman in the Ramayana epic, represents the amount of unused energy which is present in every human being. Judicious use of the potential power of the human being can be achieved by virtue of true devotion. Hanuman had channeled all his energies in worship Lord Rama in the Ramayana epic, and so it became a powerful force for the Lord Rama helped defeat the king of Lanka Ravana appointed. Hanuman devotional was high as his body became free of fatigue, and he never tired. Hanuman is a perfect example of true devotion, and that is why Hanuman images and idols are so thoroughly enjoyed by all Hindus.

Aum Namah rambhaktaye, Aum Namah Mahatejse,
Aum Namah kapirajaye, Aum Namah Mahabcaye
Aum Namah Om dhronadriharakaye Nahmah Merupeethkarchana you
Om Namah Om Namah Daskhinasha Bhaskaraye Karkaye
Om Namah nivarkaye Sarvvighan.

If you believe in myths and Hindus are a follower of the Hindu religion, so I'm sure you believe in God, the monkey Hanuman and power and goodness that he gives to his disciples. There are many people who are true believers and followers of the monkey god and they believe it is Hanuman who would save them when they land in situations of great peril.

Lord Rama is considered one of the ten avatars of Vishnu. This avatar of Vishnu was born to conquer the evil Ravana reigned in Lanka. According to Hindu mythology, Brahma had ordered several gods and goddesses take cunning monkeys, and help Lord Rama in his mission to conquer Lanka. Pavana the wind god was reborn as Hanuman, and he believed to be the strongest of all apes.
While chanting these mantras place eight supari with vermilion on them before yantra. After the singing of the mantra with Mala corel red (at least 5 mala) for the first day.

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